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Are you looking for support as you face a divorce you never saw coming?

Or are you wondering if you should divorce your abusive or adulterous husband... but you're not sure? Don't know if this is what you want to do? Or even if you can?

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What to Expect Before or During Divorce

  • Feeling Hopeless, Alone, and Unsure of What to Do
  • Wondering How You'll Survive Physically + Financially
  • Needing to Know How to Be Prepared
  • Having Second Thoughts

Are you feeling alone and wondering where to go for godly advice, support, encouragement, empowerment, and personal stories? This is the place!

You are not alone!

Surviving + Thriving After Divorce is here to support you and give you the tools you'll need to go from pre-divorce to a thriving life after. As you set out on this journey we want you to be prepared with this...

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Validating Blog Posts...

He packed his clothes and went to his parent’s house for Christmas. At first, he said he wanted us all to go with him. But I couldn’t pretend everything was okay to please them anymore. They didn’t [Read More]

How I Knew My Marriage Was Over

**Please note: This website/ministry is for divorcing/divorced women. Also, this book, by Dr. David Hawkins (a man), was written for women.** Occasionally, a really good book comes along that explains a situation or specific healing needed by [Read More]

How Loving a Narcissist Hurts You

In 2002 and then again in 2009, I was told by pastors that I had the power to “love him into repentance.” The message was I could save my marriage, single-handedly, and God would bless me greatly [Read More]

How to Know if Divorce is the Best Option For You

I’ve been seeing a lot more articles around social media about how a wife can keep her husband or how to keep him happy. I don’t usually read them. Then last week, one of the best marriage [Read More]

It’s Not a Wife’s Responsibility to “Keep Her Husband”

I rarely hear from a woman who wants a divorce. Women may know they’re in an abusive or adulterous marriage or have been abandoned, but instead of seeking a divorce, they separate and wait for their husband [Read More]

The Dangers of Long-Term Separation

Obviously, I’m not a lawyer. I have, although, been through multiple custody hearings and a divorce, so I’d say I have some experience. Through practice, I’ve definitely built up my confidence and learned a lot through trial [Read More]

What to Do When You’re Headed Toward Divorce

Empowering Resources

You Can Survive Divorce | By Jen Grice

You Can Survive Divorce: Hope, Healing, and Encouragement for Your Journey

You can survive divorce and even thrive! Do you feel like you are emotionally bleeding but no hospital can make it stop? Like you are a dead woman walking? Like you'll never be able to climb your way out of this heavy, suffocating place? Know this: With Jesus, you'll make it out, and you'll be okay.

Divorce Survival Tool Kit (Printable Pack) | By Jen Grice

Divorce Survival Toolkit (Digital Pack)

Before you see a lawyer and before you collect the needed financial documents this resource will help to guide you with what to collect and what to say. Do you know how much you'll need to survive after divorce? After, printing the pages, filling out the forms, and collecting the needed papers, you'll be confidently prepared to meet with an attorney to talk about divorce. All the printable sheets you need to create a resourceful divorce binder.

Encouraging Words from Readers

No one can force another to choose separation/divorce as it is such a hard thing to do; however, if you choose this path, there are wonderful resources out there to help you and Jen Grice is one of them. I discovered her post-divorce, and it would have been so helpful to have this as a resource. I will say, that as difficult as this was to go through this, the peace I felt after he left me was absolutely wonderful. Peace is not to be undervalued!

~ Becky

I’m in limbo right now, afraid to make the leap to divorce. In my situation, there is no infidelity. He was just a critical, tough man to live with (I think probably a narcissist on some level). He has said he is sorry many times and has “repented,” but of course I am skeptical. Living in limbo causes me daily angst. I know I will need to make a decision soon. Thank you for your post.

~ Shelly

I just want to say how grateful I am to you for being a wonderful example not only for myself, but for the countless women who suffer in silence and are trying to make sense of what is happening in their lengthy, abusive marriages.

~ Sonia

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