Wondering how you'll survive...    

Are you dealing with all things divorce and wondering how you'll survive?

Do you feel alone, like no one understands, lack support, and want to know how to healing?

You are in the right place!

What to Expect During Divorce

  • Feeling hopeless, Alone, and Unsure of What to Do
  • Scared of the Future After the Divorce is Finalized
  • Still Feeling Like You're Not Fully Prepared
  • Unsure If This is the Right Path

Are you feeling alone and wondering where to go for godly advice, support, encouragement, empowerment, and personal stories? This is the place!

You are not alone!

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Validating Blog Posts...

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is a compelling analogy for the phases of major changes in life. Divorce is just such a time when we’re given the opportunity to choose to embrace this divorce season, allowing [Read More]

7 Phases of Divorce Recovery

As we talked about last week, being prepared for divorce including custody court after, is very important. But how do can we be prepared to face the legal process? The first and most important thing is to present [Read More]

Be Prepared for Divorce or Custody Court

I remember getting the first draft of the final judgment and divorce decree (the final papers that are signed by a judge declaring the marriage null and void and how the parties should act after the divorce). [Read More]

Before Signing Those Divorce Papers

Before marriage, I was seemingly healthy. It was obvious to me that stress played a huge part in my overall health when within a couple of days of my wedding day, I was physically sick. We all just [Read More]

Divorcing with a Chronic Illness (Tips for Surviving)

As I shared last week, emotional stress has caused me to develop a chronic illness. Through my time learning self and social awareness, I’ve learned that I’m an emotional person (an “empath” as many call it). I’m [Read More]

Handling Your Emotions During Divorce (Advice from an Emotional Person)

Just after making it through one year of being a divorced woman, I knew I needed to start writing about my divorce and abuse healing. So I wrote just a couple posts to get my feet wet [Read More]

Surviving an Unwanted Divorce

Empowering Resources

You Can Survive Divorce Paperback book cover and back

You Can Survive Divorce: Hope, Healing, and Encouragement for Your Journey

You can survive divorce and even thrive! Do you feel like you are emotionally bleeding but no hospital can make it stop? Like you are a dead woman walking? Like you'll never be able to climb your way out of this heavy, suffocating place? Know this: With Jesus, you'll make it out, and you'll be okay.

Complete Divorced Mom's Digital Tool Kit (Printable Bundle) | By Jen Grice

Divorced Mom's Complete *Bundle*

Be prepared for divorce, custody hearings, and be organized in life after divorce with these 3 survival toolkits – divorce survival, child custody, and single mom. When you create a divorce or custody binder you will feel confident for whatever life throws at you during and after divorce.

Christian Divorce Mentoring

Like a doula for divorce recovery. Jen is just a woman who serves… married, divorcing, and divorced women. She empowers them to make the best decision for themselves. She encourages them to grow in their strength and learn to be healthy after divorce. Jen wants to empower you in your journey to reclaim your life… and not only survive but thrive after divorce.

Encouraging Words from Readers

I am so glad the Holy Spirit led me to this website as I look for healing in my life. I never realized that I was still ashamed and blaming myself for not being good enough and have been suffering from the sin of divorce. Church and society has taught us to look down on divorce and it seems like it’s the woman who suffers the most regardless of the cause. Thank you so much for the encouragement, this is so refreshing and new to me! 

~ Angela

Starting over in your mid-60’s takes a lot out of you when you have already spent so much energy to just survive enough to get out of a toxic marriage. I have so much peace knowing I do not have to deal with him. That is a blessing. I found your website, Jen, after the divorce so I appreciated all that you do to give guidance through the divorce process.

~ Becky

I sure wish I found you a few years ago! You are so spot-on with all your advice. Thanks, Jen, for your wonderful ministry. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I watched all your Youtubes all over again.

~ Jenny

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