FREE Surviving Divorce Roadmap eCourse plus a BONUS free healing journal printable sheet. You do not have to walk this path to surviving divorce alone! Jen Grice shares the roadmap she took from preparing for a divorce and barely surviving... to thriving after divorce. via @msjengrice

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Video #1

My Story & How It Relates to YOUR Story

Video #2

The Phases of the Divorce Survival Journey

Video #3

3 Things All Women Need to Survive Divorce

You do NOT have to walk this foreign path alone!

  • Are you wondering how you're going to get through this divorce?
  • Are you feeling so very alone on this journey?
  • Are you wondering what you're going to do?
  • Wondering if you should turn back?

What You'll Experience in this 3-Part Email Course:

Feel Less Alone

Jen shares her story, as well as the stories she's gathered from other women just like yourself to help you know you're not alone!


Be encouraged and hope-filled as you face this often unwanted and foreign path. There is better down the road... you will get there!

Divorce Survival Phases

Get the steps Jen took to survive her divorce. Theses are the normal phases all divorcing women go through. We can walk together.


Be empowered as you head down this path that you can and will make the right decisions for yourself and your future.

You can and will survive this divorce!

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