You Can Survive Divorce...

We'll walk this Road together!

Learn how I survived my divorce is this 3 part video series...

  • Are you wondering how you're going to survive your divorce?
  • Feeling alone?
  • Anxious about what to do next?

Here is the hope for your journey!

My story

In early 2013, I was served with divorce papers. At the time I saw it as an ending. I had lost myself in the process of trying to save an abusive marriage. I felt like I had wasted my whole life trying to defend and worship everyone else – a husband and even family members. But after my friend and mentor explained to me… this was not the end but new beginning, a new chapter to learn to walk with your Father. Out of oppression into a better place… with HOPE and a future.

It was then that I started looking for healing. I wanted to find peace and redemption from everything that I had been through. I wanted God to give the divorce devastation, purpose. And I wanted to be emotionally healthy going into the future.

I read, and highlighted, every book I could get my hands on. I drew from my degree in psychology, as I learned. I sought help from those who had traveled this road before me. In my journey to healing, I implemented tough boundaries and stopped people-pleasing. I learned to be a STRONG, emotionally healthy woman!

In the process, I reclaimed my hope, my faith in my loving Heavenly Father, and found the peace that was lost in my toxic marriage. I went from merely surviving to a thriving life!

You can too!

You CAN and WILL survive your divorce!

These 3 videos will show you that you are not alone and what you're feeling is VERY normal!


How YOUR Story Relates to My Story


The Phases of the Divorce Survival Journey


3 Things All Women Need to Survive Divorce


What You'll Experience in this 3-Part Video Roadmap Series:

Feel Less Alone

Jen shares her story, as well as the stories she's gathered from other women just like yourself to help you know... you're not alone!


Be encouraged and hope-filled as you face this often unwanted, foreign territory. There is peace down the road... you will get there!

Divorce Survival Phases

Get the steps Jen took to survive her divorce. Theses are the normal phases all divorcing women go through. What you're feeling is normal.


Be empowered as you head down this path that you can and will make the right decisions for yourself and your future.

Added Bonus:

This series has been watched by over 4,000 survivors... just like you! Most have now moved on to healing and thriving after divorce.

Who is this for?

• Women who are contemplating divorce and wondering if they can and will survive after.

• Women facing an unwanted separation and divorce.

• Women who are divorcing and feeling unprepared for court.

• Any woman separated from her abusive and/or adulterous husband.

• And Christian woman who wants to know if God will be with her and go before her on this divorce survival and healing journey.

Don't miss the 3 Things All Women Need to Survive Divorce in the third video!

You do NOT have to walk this foreign path alone!