Time to look forward to thriving...

That divorce process was long and egregious... but now is your time to heal, find peace, and grow STRONGER than before. You may still feel alone but you're not. You have found your support system and it's time to thrive.

We are walking this journey together!

What to Expect AFTER Divorce

  • All the feelings! It may be an emotional roller coaster but now you're in control.
  • Decisions! You're now free to make your own decisions. 
  • Finding your new normal and who God created you to be.
  • Establishing your home to be peaceful and comforting for you (& your children).

Are you wondering where to go for godly advice, support, encouragement, empowerment, and personal stories? This is the place!

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How To Move on & Be Stronger After Divorce

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Validating Blog Posts...

What holds you back from thriving? What keeps you from moving forward after your divorce? Getting past your pain? If you struggle with your healing, months or years after your divorce, this is for you. Remember we’re discussing thriving [Read More]

A huge part of divorce healing is personal growth. Truthfully, it’s probably the biggest part. For each of us, that can look different but the continual goal is getting emotionally healthy. Coming from a dysfunctional and emotionally [Read More]

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is a compelling analogy for the phases of major changes in life. Divorce is just such a time when we’re given the opportunity to choose to embrace this divorce season, allowing [Read More]

Forgiveness is not something you just decide you’re going to do, and immediately it happens, although many people still think that’s how it’s supposed to work. That’s why I talk about forgiveness is a process and even [Read More]

My friend, Pastor Curtis Alexander, was willing to share a male perspective on the topic of waiting to date, healing and life after divorce. I think this information is very valuable for us females who are walking [Read More]

There are women who are not strong nor do they have any desire to be. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a unique set of gifts given to them by God. Meekness can be a [Read More]

One of the most common feelings we experience during and after divorce is loneliness. I hear from women all the time asking me, how to cope with feeling lonely after divorce. Sadly, most of them are dating [Read More]

Last week I wrote about how to become an emotionally strong woman after divorce. Today, I’m talking about how to be spiritually strong after divorce–much like the woman of noble character and faith, Ruth. Read her story [Read More]

Empowering Resources

Walking with Ruth 5-Day Devotional

The book of Ruth is a reminder to all of us that God is the One who will Provide, Protect, and Redeem the story. And when we embrace this truth, we can learn to walk redeemed with faith, just as Ruth did.

This is a “happily ever after” story… and it involves you! I show you how in this 5-day devotional about the chapters in the Bible about Ruth.

New Coaching Consult

Like a doula for divorce recovery. Jen is just a woman who serves… married, divorcing, and divorced women. She empowers them to make the best decision for themselves. She encourages them to grow in their strength and learn to be healthy after divorce. Jen wants to empower you in your journey to reclaim your life… and not only survive but thrive after divorce.

Moving Forward Coaching Package

When you're ready to move forward, untangle from past relationships, and have assertive boundaries in the future... this is the package for you. Are you ready to move forward in your healing? Want to be better not bitter after divorce? Be empowered and encouraged to make the best decisions for yourself and your future.

Encouraging Words from Readers

Like many who have gone before me, and I cling to stories like your own that have speak of survival and endurance, of hope and a future with purpose...Even after this.

~ Cara

I thank God each time for your articles because the insight you provide helped me know that I wasn't a rebel!

~ Daphne

I’m so grateful for ministry. I stumbled upon one of your postings on Facebook listing signs one might be experiencing if living with a narcissist spouse. It was like you had read my mind. Some things are so subtle that only those who have lived it could understand.

~ Susan

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