You Want to Survive Your Divorce...

And Be STRONGER After!

But the thought of speaking to a lawyer and asking the basic questions about the divorce legal process causes you anxiety.

Maybe you've spoken to a lawyer yet you're still confused?

Or you have a lawyer, you're working through the divorce process, but you don't understand all the legal terminology.

Then, I have exactly what you NEED! The Divorce Preparation Guide will answer your basic questions, give you questions to ask a new lawyer, PLUS explain what all of the legal terms mean in plain English!

Also, learn what you need to do to protect yourself before or during a divorce... so you WILL BE prepared now and in the future!

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What's included?

• The 25 BEST divorce preparation tips!

• Comfort and connection while you plan.

• Questions to ask before hiring an attorney.

• And a LONG list of divorce terms explained in full detail!

"This is a great guide! I read through it and found that I'm on track! I'm still in the process and not divorced yet so I especially appreciated the glossary of terms." – Jean

"Reading the terms in this guide sparked facts I raised with my lawyer straight away! Thanks!" – Kim

I know this is a fightening and confusing time.

I've been right where you are.

After years of putting up with his adultery, I thought about filing for divorce. But my ex-husband beat me to it, which caused me more anxiety about what I was supposed to do next. I felt so very alone and didn't know a thing about divorce!

Since my divorce in 2013, I've walked with thousands of other women out of their absuve or adulterous marriages into a thriving, STRONGER life after divorce.

You don't have to face this alone!

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