Would you like to know how to be the MOST PREPARED you can be for a divorce?

Introducing your secret weapon. . .

The Ultimate Divorce Preparation Toolkit to empower you to survive and conquer your divorce with confidence!

"Due to my ex’s issues, we have had to go to court again over child support and placement, so having these kits to help create a binder has been a LIFESAVER! All my documents – organized. Visitation and any issues surrounding that – documented and filed. Any payments received – registered and filed. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jen! I appreciate all that you do."


Does this sound familiar?

{I want to save you from the same trouble!}

When I went through my divorce in 2013, I had no idea the paperwork I’d have to fill out, the information I’d need to collect, or the questions I should be asking to help me achieve the best outcome, during and after divorce.

I was a jumbled mess of emotions and disorganization!

I took my newly served divorce papers to the first lawyer who could get me in. I had no idea what she’d need from me or if she was even prepared to take my case… but out of desperation I hired her and trusted her to give me all the right answers.

Towards the end of the divorce process, I started to realize that I was in the dark about most everything. In my stress and unwillingness to accept what was happening, I had handed our future over to someone I barely knew.

I trusted her blindly and it almost cost me my financial survival after divorce, because I wasn't asking for what was fair (half of everything). The lawyers didn't seem to mind that my children and I would be living well below the poverty line after driving brand new cars, having a home, and 5-figures in our 401K.

I had not asked the right questions, I didn’t know what I needed, and I trusted someone else to hold every important paper.

It wasn’t until after my divorce was final and I had to go back to court for a dispute that I realized… I was not prepared or ready to handle this court appearance with confidence!

That’s when I created my Divorce Survival Toolkit (included in this).

I credit my "secret weapon" (the binder I created) for showing the court that I wasn’t a hot mess, as they probably thought I was during my divorce… but a STRONG WOMAN who was ready, organized, and willing to defend her case.

I pulled the needed documentation out of my binder with confidence and assurance that I was well prepared for anything that should happen now… or in the future.

What makes this toolkit different from just any file folder or binder full of papers?

This is THE TOOLKIT to help you survive your divorce legal battle and more. You'll have all the needed information to get your share of the family assets and present your case (even if just to your lawyer)! You'll KNOW just what you'll need!

SAVE at least ONE HOUR of lawyer time (that's money)!

You do not need piles of time to pull everything together!

The Ultimate Divorce Preparation Toolkit is a binder creation tool to help you survive your divorce!

I know you're scared, you have so many questions, and you're unsure about what to do next. But you don't have to be!

With this SECRET WEAPON you can be prepared!

I put together this collection of 75+ pages full of essential information (from a family law attorney), saving you AT LEAST 1 hour with a lawyer (valued at well over $150!!)... so you can say...

I got this!!!

I want to empower you to go from fearful... to REASSURED!

From concerned... to CONFIDENT!

Imagine if it were possible...

  • To know exactly what papers your lawyer is going to ask for.
  • To be able to find those papers when they're asked of you, repeatedly.
  • To have all phone numbers and email address accessible, in one place.
  • To have checklists to help you remember important information.
  • To have a place to keep documentation that will be required in court.
  • To have a place to keep notes while in court or after.
  • To know that you have everything organized so you feel prepared and confident, when you get to mediation or the trial – if it comes to that.

You do not need mad organizational skills to use this toolkit!

"I love that this gives me the encouragement and confidence to begin to take hold of this [divorce] process. I feel like having the printouts are powerful for me and give me strength, to print out and pursue getting all the documents you suggested in the files in one place. I think it also helps me be more organized and show my lawyer that while I am a stay at home homeschool mom, I am also smart, organized, capable, and a good cause to get behind because I have a vision for my family and the ability to carry out that vision."


What's Included in the Ultimate Divorce Preparation Toolkit?

1. Tools to Prepare You For The Legal Battle

Preparation for First Lawyer Appointment

Includes checklist pages sharing what you need to collect and compile before meeting with your lawyer for the first time. Save yourself a meeting and take everything with you! Also, includes needed pages to stay organized all throughout the trial and after.

Collection of Assets + Expenses

Includes pages for collecting household assets, inventory, as well as household expenses – important information that your lawyer will need to prepare your case for divorce. No need to come back with all that paperwork, because you'll have it all ready at your first appointment!

Important Dates + Contacts Accessible

Includes pages to save court dates, with places for what you need to do to prepare or take with to court/meetings, pages for all your important contacts (like your lawyer, therapist, the court, and more) so it's all easily accessible when you need it, pages to document phone conversations, alimony payments, and needed reimbursements as well as a sheet to help you locate your legal documents after the divorce is finalized.

2. Tools to Help Negotiate Child Custody

Document to Protect Yourself

Keep all those incidents of contempt in your binder in case you should need them in court. Track court appearances, agreements, and upcoming court dates . . . as well as the outcome. No one wants to go to court to fight for their child, but we all have to do what's in the best interest of the child. Sometimes what's best is to fight for what is right.

Document Parenting Time

Keep track of parenting time, vacations, the summer schedule, as well as the whole year at a glance with all the parenting time and visitation tracking worksheets. Once you can have the entire visitation schedule you can plan your life with your children as well. Also, document missed times and make up times, in case you have to go back to court.

Document All Your Financials

Keep all your needed divorce and custody related documentation, including child support, all in one place. If your ex-spouse is required to reimburse you for other expenses, there's a worksheet for that too! No more fumbling through your checkbook or bank account statements to find this information, because you have it all in one place.

3. Tools to Help Organize Your Household

Many Visitation Sheets

Keep track of weekend visits, summer and holiday vacation, and even those weird 5-2, 3-3-4, schedules with these schedule sheets. Included in this toolkit is a year-at-a-glance parenting time schedule as well as many vacation or holiday schedule sheets to help you keep track of the schedule for many years to come.

Keep Your Household in Order

You CAN do this as a solo-parent, Mama! These pages will help you to get the kids on board contributing around the house (Yes, it does work, I've used these too!), establish a list of household rules, create a Family Life Quote, set goals, and so much more. You are STILL a family... you just have to keep behaving like one.

Everything Else to Stay On Track

Included are a monthly budget sheet, debt pay-off sheet, prayers & praises sheet, pages for notes, binder covers, and over 13 topic dividers so you can keep everything organized and easy to find in your divorce or Mom Binder. You can survive this divorce and thrive after... these preparational and organization toolkit will help!



To Do List | Divorce Survival Tool Kit by Jen Grice
Parenting Time Schedule | Child Custody Tool Kit
Contribution Sheet | Single Mom Tool Kit

This BUNDLE provides you more than just pretty pages . . .

YOU'RE GETTING all the information you need to share with your lawyer *PLUS* LIVE A THRIVING, ORGANIZED LIFE after!

"How Do I Prepare for My Divorce?"

Do you panic at the thought of trying to find a lawyer, making that first appointment, and having to drive yourself there?

What do you take with you; what do you say?

What will they (and you) want to know?

Your heart is breaking and unsure what you're going to do. You didn't want this divorce (though it may be needed) but even with all the threats you know you need to be ready and confident for the battle ahead.

The Ultimate Divorce Preparation Toolkit is exactly what you need, get prepared and organized by creating a binder with all your information collected in one place, easy to find ahead of time, with lists of what you'll need, questions to ask, and places to start documenting the truth... all BEFORE you even leave your home for that first legal appointment.

What Customers Are Saying:

"I would have loved this in the beginning as a way to get organized! I have used it to write down names, numbers, and questions and thoughts. I keep it with my divorce folder that has all of my stuff in it. Like I said, I wish I would have had this in the beginning of my divorce to get organized but it has helped me by keeping everything in one place."


Hi, I'm Jen . . .

Divorce Coach and Author of the book, You Can Survive Divorce. I have been right where you are! Now, 7 years after my divorce, I encourage and empower Christian women to not only survive their divorce but thrive AND become STRONGER after! I'm so glad to have you on this journey to peace and healing after divorce.

Warmly, Jen Grice

What Other Survivors Have Said:

"I highly recommend anything Jen Grice shares. God has used Jen's words to encourage me on my healing journey more times than I can count. I really appreciate her wisdom and courage. Jen reminds me to trust God with my pain, to protect my heart with healthy boundaries, and to never give up on myself."

// AMY

"I loved the idea of writing down what is important to me and while I didn't physically write anything down I did find the inclusion of the idea enough to get me thinking about what I want versus need."


Here's Everything You're Getting...

  • Divorce Binder Cover
  • Custody Binder Cover
  • Mom’s Binder Cover
  • Butterfly Tree Covers x3 (each a different shade of teal)
  • Topic/Category Divider Covers x13
  • To Do List x6
  • Needed Important Papers
  • Household Expenses Collector x2
  • Home Inventory (Possessions)
  • What’s Most Important to Me (List)
  • Prepare: Talking to a Lawyer
  • Prepare: Questions to Ask
  • Important Contact Numbers
  • Important Contact Emails
  • Court Dates (Prepare/Take)
  • Reimbursement Tracker
  • Alimony Tracker
  • Documents Tracker
  • What’s Best for the Child (List) Sheet
  • Child Support Tracker Sheet
  • Important Contact Numbers Sheet
  • Important Contact Emails Sheet
  • Incidents of Contempt (Documentation) Sheet x2
  • Upcoming Court Dates (Prepare/Take) Sheet
  • Missed Visitation / Make Up Time Sheet
  • Past Court Appearances Sheet
  • Agreements Location Sheet
  • Parenting Time Schedule (Year at a Glance) Sheet x2
  • Vacation Schedule Sheets x4
  • Vacation Time Sheet x3
  • Child Information Sheet (Easier Parent-to-Parent Transitions w/babies/toddlers)
  • Kids’ Activities Sheet (Easier Parent-to-Parent Transitions w/school-aged kids)
  • Monthly Goals Sheets (On 2 Pages)
  • Family Life Quote Sheet
  • Prayers & Praises
  • Household Rules
  • Contribution Sheet
  • Monthly Budget Sheet
  • Debt Payoff Sheet
  • Notes Pages x6
  • Lined Blank Checklist x3
  • NEW Phone Conversation Log

77 Total Useful Pages!

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