Are you ready to be STRONGER?!

Do you wonder how you're going to move past your destructive marriage?

Feeling like the drama and emotional abuse will never end?

Do you feel responsible for everyone's problems and unsure of yourself as a divorced woman after divorce?

You want to be emotionally healthy and live a life of peace!

But how?

I don't know about you but healing after my divorce wasn't easy for me. They say when you add in healing from narcissistic abuse, you can add years to your healing journey.

I knew I wanted to move on with my life but not with the normal route that many choose of jumping back into the dating game and expecting everything to be okay.

I had real deep healing to do!

And I didn't want a hero to rescue me... I had God and I wanted to be the hero of my own story!

So that's what I did.

I took the needed steps of learning the myths of narcissistic abuse, detangling the emotional bond, of letting go of what I'm not responsible for (Hint, the answer is other people!), building assertive boundaries, and becoming secure in myself. After all of this work, I was able to see myself through God's eyes and live out my divine purpose.

That and more is what I teach to other divorced women! I walk with you on this journey.

And now I've created a jump-start program to get you moving in the right direction...

• • •


8 - Week Group Program...

A transformational program for divorced women who want to heal and be stronger after narcissistic abuse. This group program is for women who no longer want to stay stuck in the cycle of ruminating about the past, feeling like they're the ones to blame, and want to find the path to moving forward... to a thriving life of peace.

Without the proper healing, deprogramming, and learning about toxic relationships, women could become bitter... and not better. And repeat the same relationship choices.

But not you! You're going to break the emotional bond that keeps you paralyzed, you'll let go of the heavy load, and be better in your new life after divorce. This program will help!

Are you ready to move on with your life?

What can I expect?

This is not just any divorce healing program! This is a transformation of your new life after divorce. After you do the program work, attend the coaching sessions, and participate with other program members, you will be STRONGER!

We'll be tackling the tough topics of narcissist behavior, how we became trapped in their web, and how to get out. Then we'll learn to be secure in ourselves, that we can have solid boundaries, deserve healthy relationships, and what that looks like.

There will be NO JUDGMENT because we're all in this same boat... ladies who are divorced from a narcissist... and ready to be healed, whole, and STRONGER!

Instead of being a victim... you'll learn to be victorious!

Let's do this... Together!

About the Host...

Jen Grice has been coaching women since 2015 through their divorce, custody hearings, and abuse healing after. During her own healing after divorce, seeing the term "narcissist" after looking up serial adultery, she read every book and thousands of articles about this and other Cluster-B Personality disorders. Now, she writes her own. Her B.Sc. degree in Psychology helped her to learn and now teach about this subject. She shares her knowledge with thousands through her YouTube videos, articles, and 1:1 coaching with women after divorce.

I survived and healed after... you can too!

What Program Participants Are Saying...

Yes, 100% [I would recommend this program to other divorced women]. I wish that I would have found this sooner. It was truly a turning point in this nightmare situation. I can now see what happened to me and see how I was used and manipulated my entire life and I see how I played a part in allowing this to happen when I blindly trusted. I still have so much work to do and I just wish I could give someone this information so they can understand what happened and begin the healing process sooner. It’s been a great tool and step in the right direction. No one wants to realize they were used and taken advantage of but owning it means your working toward not letting it happen again.

~ Sarah

The lessons were great and created specifically for those of us recovering from NPD spouses. Good progression, for example, it was good to start off with myths and trauma bonding and build up to say, boundaries and our right to respectful relationships. I also got so much from the other women. We are so similar in our extreme/over-dedication to our marriages, self-blame, cover ups, shame, etc., and have gone through the same experiences. It's as though our ex-husbands were following the same playbook. This validated my experience and took off some of the residual (false, misplaced) guilt that maybe my behavior contributed to my ex's poor behavior.

~ Mary Li

It’s a great safe place to find you are not alone nor crazy in this journey. Healing is a slow process and the group gives you a great springboard of tools to get you moving forward.

Putting yourself and story out there allows for greater healing for you and the others in the group. You never know what will help someone else by your vulnerability in sharing. Plus that gives Jen the opportunity to be able to coach you through where you are now.

~ Heather

I would recommend [this program] because I feel like Jen has a more realistic point of view on life before, during & after divorce from a narcissist. She doesn't sugar coat anything. I hate when people try to downplay & sweeten a really awful situation. She's lived it, she shares God's true words about it & she shares wisdom on ways to navigate life moving forward as a strong, independent, healthy daughter of God.

~ Danette

What will I learn in the SWAD Program?

  • Week 1: Typical Narcissist Behaviors – We debunk the myths we believed about our ex-husband. The excuses we gave him and the blame we took.
  • Week 2: Letting Go of the Bond – Detoxing from the bond that keeps you emotionally tied to your ex-husband.
  • Week 3: Separating My Emotions from His – It's time to get off that emotional roller coaster.
  • Week 4: What's My Responsibility? – Figuring out what you need to take care of and what's not your responsibility even when others try to make something your problem to fix.
  • Week 5: Becoming Secure in Myself – Feeling safe to be yourself, who God created you to be, and standing up for yourself. You have that right!
  • Week 6: I Can Have Solid Boundaries – Learning what your boundaries need to be to take care of yourself and live in peace with others.
  • Week 7: I Deserve Healthy Relationships – What do those look like?
  • Week 8: Seeing Myself Through God's Eyes – He has a purpose and a plan for your future... but first you have to accept yourself as His precious daughter!

How much does it cost?

We'll be mastering becoming STRONGER together!


Is the SWAD program right for me?

Is it worth the cost?

Will you accept monthly payments?

Do you offer refunds if I don't use the program or participate?


If something happens within 7 days after you complete your purchase that prevents you from participating in the group coaching program, you can request and receive 100% of your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.