Stronger Woman After Divorce Program via @msjengrice

Are you ready to be STRONGER?!

Do you wonder how you're going to move past your destructive marriage?

Feeling like the drama and emotional abuse will never end?

Do you feel responsible for everyone's problems and unsure of yourself as a divorced woman after divorce?

You want to be emotionally healthy and live a life of peace!

But how?


8 - Week Group Coaching Program...

A transformational program for divorced women who want to heal and be stronger after narcissistic abuse. This group program is for women who no longer want to stay stuck in the cycle of ruminating about the past, feeling like they're the ones to blame, and want to find the path to moving forward... to a thriving life of peace.

Without the proper healing, deprogramming, and learning about toxic relationships, women could become bitter... and not better. And repeat the same relationship choices.

But not you! You're going to break the emotional bond that keeps you stuck, you'll let go of the heavy load, and be better in your new life after divorce. This program will help!

Are you ready to move on with your life?

What can you expect?

This is not just any divorce healing program! This is a transformation of your new life after divorce. After you do the program work, attend the coaching sessions, and participate with other program members, you will be STRONGER!

We'll be tackling the tough topics of narcissist behavior, how we became trapped in their web, and how to get out. Then we'll learn to be secure in ourselves, that we can have solid boundaries, deserve healthy relationships, and what that looks like.

There will be NO JUDGMENT because we're all in this same boat... ladies who are divorced from a narcissist... and ready to be healed, whole, and STRONGER!

Instead of being a victim... you'll be a victor!

Let's do this! Together!

About the Host...

Jen Grice has been coaching women since 2015 through their divorce, custody hearings, and abuse healing after. During her own healing after divorce, seeing the term "narcissist" after looking up serial adultery, she read every book and thousands of articles about this and other Cluster-B Personality disorders. Now, she writes her own. Her B.Sc. degree in Psychology helped her to learn and now teach about this subject. She shares her knowledge with thousands through her YouTube videos, articles, and 1:1 coaching with women after divorce.

I survived and healed after... you can too!

What Program Participants Are Saying

The lessons were great and created specifically for those of us recovering from NPD spouses. Good progression, for example, it was good to start off with myths and trauma bonding and build up to say, boundaries and our right to respectful relationships. I also got so much from the other women. We are so similar in our extreme/over-dedication to our marriages, self-blame, cover ups, shame, etc., and have gone through the same experiences. It's as though our ex-husbands were following the same playbook. This validated my experience and took off some of the residual (false, misplaced) guilt that maybe my behavior contributed to my ex's poor behavior.

Jen is one person and a great resource with the lessons and coaching. But the other women in the group are additional and rich resources. Sharing our sorrow, grief, anger, struggles was very healing.

~ Mary Li

Live Group Coaching

  • 10 Total Coaching Hours
  • Wed Evenings + Saturdays
  • MP3 Recording, if missed

What's included?

Praying Community

Weekly Group Discussions

  • Empowering Topics
  • Discussion Questions
  • Learning Worksheets

Live Coaching with Zoom

Program + Group Limited to 20 women!

How much does it cost?

We'll be mastering becoming STRONGER together!


Who is this program for?

Why is this program only for divorced women?

What if I can't make it to every coaching call?

Do I have to be on video for the video calls?

How do the video calls work?

Will you accept monthly payments?

Do you offer refunds if I don't use the program or participate?