You Can Survive Divorce 101 Program

There is hope and healing after divorce. We'll walk this path together!

Divorce is a Lonely Path!

You Do Not Have to Walk alone!

Maybe you're feeling alone... but you don't know what you can do about it!

Do you feel like you are traveling this divorce path alone? Maybe you don't believe you need anyone to help you navigate through the pain onto a thriving, peaceful life.

Many women want to move forward but they numb the pain with work, projects, or substances, denying the pain existence, or that they’re hurting at all. Others decide that they're going to immediately find someone to fill the void but only find that they have repeated history.

For most, none of these choices work. It’s not until women have their first breakup that they realized they have so much unresolved pain or toxicity and that they “moved on” way too quickly.

If you don’t deal with this problem now, the problem will become worse, compounded with new wounds from broken relationships.

You have to deal with the pain and work through your own issues in order to heal.

What happens if you do nothing or keep doing what you’re doing? Pain doesn’t stay hidden, it comes out when you least expect it. We all know that one lady who is still bitter and angry 20 years after her divorce.

You may not realize how much your pain is manifesting in their life and ruining other relationships, even your relationship with God.

Learn to move past the pain, navigate through surviving and move on to thriving after your divorce.

You Can Survive Divorce 101 Course is an online training program that offers encouragement, empowerment to make their own decisions about their life, and training about how to survive divorce and heal after. You’ll receive the keys to moving forward during and after your divorce.


Included in this course are trainings and a private Facebook Community of divorcing or divorced women. Weekly emails will include the extra learning materials and a link to the training.

benefit: TRAININGS

Each week we'll discuss a new topic around surviving divorce. You'll have access to the pre-recorded training and the slides for further learning.

After the trainings you can submit your Q & A's for to the instructor or in the group (when available).

benefiT: Facebook Group

Feel less alone with this community of women are you learning and surviving divorce with you.

The group will include threads for prayers, learning, questions & answers, and so much more.

About Jen Grice

After her unwanted divorce in 2013, she realized that God wanted to use her experience and difficulties to benefit others. After a few years of healing, Jen started Surviving + Thriving Ministries and started coaching divorcing women through their unwanted (often needed) divorce.

In 2017, she published her first book, You Can Survive Divorce.

Over the years of privately coaching women, during and after their divorce, Jen realized there was a need for group coaching. So, in 2019, she started her first group coaching program, Stronger Woman After Divorce.

Now this just adds the You Can Survive Divorce 101 Course Program to the list of ways Jen encourages women to survive their divorce... and to thrive after.

What Clients Say About Jens' Coaching & Programs


Coaching Client

Non-Judgmental Coaching!

Jen Grice’s program and ministry are unique to what is available for support of the stages at the beginning, or the middle, and the after stages of divorce. Her style is non-judgmental and she meets you where you are in a non-pressure supporting way to help you navigate the issues you are facing and help you know you are not alone! I especially love that she goes to God for guidance on how to help women and that is what especially made me feel safe at such a vulnerable time in my life.


Previous Program Participant

Group Coaching Helps All!

Putting yourself and story out there allows for greater healing for you and the others in the group. You never know what will help someone else by your vulnerability in sharing. Plus that gives Jen the opportunity to be able to coach you through where you are now.

You Can Survive Divorce 101

Trainings Outline


This group program will be fast paced but you can feel free to work at your own pace.

Show them what’s in the course


Week 1: Accepting God's Healing

We'll discuss the stages of grief and how feeling grief draws you closer to your Creator. You'll understand that you now have time to work on your relationship with God and put Him back in the center of your life--where He belongs. You will also learn the importance of standards and having healthier relationships after divorce.


Week 2: Finding Your Worth

You're relationship is broken, not you! Your heart is in need of repair, restoration, and redemption. These are His promises to you. God will show that you are worthy; you are the daughter of a King. He only wants what's best for you... you'll be able to proclaim to Whom you belong!


Week 3: You Deserve Self-Love & Self-Care

God will defend you... now, during your healing, is your time to rest. We'll pitch a tent during this healing phase as we work through the areas that need the most work, through self-love and self-care. It's more than just bubble baths or a special treat. This is where you change the mindset about taking care of yourself first, so you're able to care for others.


Week 4: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a process. It's not a one time decision to forgive and forget. We'll work through the facts and falsehoods surrounding forgiveness as well as learn the tools to handle painful triggers when they come up in the future.


Week 5: Survival Strategies

During the phases of divorce, everyone needs to know the strategies that make surviving this season that much easier. We'll tackle the tasks at hand, one tiny step at a time. No more mindless decisions, we'll create a plan for navigating this season with ease.


Week 6: New Life After Divorce

This is the week we devote to looking to what lies ahead after the time of healing. You can have a brighter future after divorce. And through boundaries and assertiveness you can have healthier and happier relationships as well. You'll gain the tools needed to have a great new life after divorce.

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  • Self-Paced
  • Weekly Trainings
  • Facebook Community


Who is this program for?

This program is for:

  • Women who are separated or newly divorced.
  • Women who are working through the divorce process or recently completed.
  • Divorced women who feel they cannot embrace their divorce or recover from it.
  • Women who want to learn about forgiveness and find peace during or after their divorce.

Will this program benefit me?

  • Yes, if you are wondering how you’ll heal from the devastation of divorce.
  • Yes, if you want to learn about forgiveness, what it is and what’s it’s not.
  • Yes, if you wondering how to find your worth again after divorce.
  • Yes, if you need to know all the survival strategies that I used to survive my divorce.
  • And yes, if you want to have healthier and more peaceful relationships after divorce.

What's included in this program?

  • Six training modules to help you navigate and embrace the road ahead.
  • Six (90-minute) live group coaching sessions via Zoom Meeting (on Monday; Time TBD).
  • A Facebook group for group interaction between training and coaching sessions.
  • Printable sheets to expand your learning.

What are the dates and times of the trainings & coaching? 

  • September 20th through October 31st, 2021
  • One weekly recorded training on Mondays (Time TBD)

will you accept payments?

Please contact Jen at jen at with your situation and what you can afford. We'll do our best to accommodate with a payment plan that fits into the next 6 weeks. All payment plans include an extra fee to cover processing fees.

Do you offer refunds?

If something happens within 7 days after you complete your purchase that prevents you from participating in the group coaching program, you can request and receive 100% of your purchase price refunded, no questions asked. After 7 days, no partial or full refund can be issued. Thank you for your understanding!

A Note From Jen

When I went through my divorce, I did not know how I was going to survive or even thrive after. I only saw darkness... where I should have seen light. My life's purpose is to help you see the path forward and walk with you until you no longer need encouragement and empowerment to move forward.

I know you can get through this! Let's take the first steps together...