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Grace unplugged and Own It Review and Giveaway


I have a teenage daughter. She is the typical middle child, she doesn’t get talked about very much. She knows this and we laugh about it. She’s in 11th grade here at home. She is a Jesus follower and reads her Bible daily. But she is at an age that I fear her next steps, just a little. I feel this way occasionally for many different reasons. One of them being, I worry about sending her out to the wolves {the world} possibly ill prepared to stand up for her faith, follow the Holy Spirit, and obey the Bible. I just don’t want to see her make wrong choices that she’ll regret one day. I pray everyday for God to equip me to prepare my children, left in the home. Then God answered a prayer. I received an email to review these books. After watching the movie preview, my daughter was excited and willing to read them for me. {Yay, Father God for teaching these kids with me!}

Grace Unplugged is about a girl, who at the age of 18, decided to leave home to pursue her God-given talent in music. This pursuit takes her into the “real world”… which puts her faith to the test. The point is that she was not prepared because she had not quite made the Christian-faith her own. She was merely borrowing it from her parents, like most teens do. Then she made some choices that required her to make the choice between her faith and her secular music career. You’ll have to read the book to find out what her choice was.

Own it, a book that is a part of Grace Unplugged, is for teenagers to start owning their faith. It gives the reader the differences between “faking it”, “borrowing it”, “renting it”, “picking and choosing”, and “disowning” their faith… with the ultimate goal of learning how to own their own faith, separate from their parents. The writers, Michael & Hayley DiMarco, explain that even if your teen seems to already be owning their faith, this is still a book for them to read.

My daughter read Grace Unplugged in one day. She said she just could not put it down. Melody Carlson, the writer of that book, is one of her favorite Christian authors so I’m sure that helped. She just loved the story and can’t wait for the movie to come out in theaters October 4th.

Are your children prepared? How do you know? I am glad my daughter read both books and we’ve had time to discuss what her owning her faith should look like. It means that she’ll have to make some hard choices, now, and in the future, but I am hopeful knowing we are on the right track. I’ve realized the importance of teaching my children to make this faith their own! I truly believe that He will provide, what we need at just the right time, if we allow Him!


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  1. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD and then borrow it from the library, because going to the movies is too expensive.

    • Totally agree! We have a very small local theater that gets most but not all the movies… we go there or wait until movies come out at the Redbox.

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  3. We’ll probably be waiting until it comes on DVD, but it looks wonderful!

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