Homeschooling with Chronic Illness {An update}


Recently I gave a slight update on my newest diagnoses during a post I wrote about Dealing with Chronic Illness While You Homeschool (at Free Homeschool Deals).


If you’ve been following my Homeschooling with Chronic Illness story of being sick, you know that I have been dealing with chronic pain and illness for many years now. When I was deciding on whether or not to homeschool my son, I was dealing with many days and nights of pain and illness. Not only that, but having to get myself and my son up and around each school day. Then, drive the 20 minutes one way to private school. Often I came home and fell back into bed, where I stayed most of the day, until I had to drive back to pick up my child. It was horrible!

Now that my children are both home schooled, things are so much easier. They have learned that homeschooling centers around how everyone is feeling. This doesn’t mean that my kids are allowed to “not feel like doing their work”; it just means we can work at our own pace. There is freedom in homeschooling, that is not allowed in traditional schooling. Work will still be there waiting for us when we can’t do it. But it won’t go away if we don’t keep plugging away at it.


Back to the update…


For years I’ve heard my doctors speculate as to why my lab results were so, off. Finally in December, I had my long awaited appointment with a top doctor in the new area in which we live. After talking with me, examining me, and looking over previous lab work, she pretty much knew what was going on. I pretty much knew as well. But she wanted to retest my blood and have me read over several (lengthy) packets about each diagnosis, just to make sure.

She also wanted to recheck my Chiari Malformation (my brain herniation) through MRI.

I am learning through all of this, that much of what I have going on, with my body, is connected. Many of the people who have Chiari (CM for short), also have EDS, which we believe I have because I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. And I also have scoliosis.

So, after a long battle with previous doctors, who have said that I either have Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus, my new doctor said it is indeed Lupus, and not RA. It feels good to finally have this diagnosis. Now knowing I have Lupus, gives me the angle in which I have to look at my autoimmune disorder. The not knowing and wondering is the worst!

Her extensive testing also found some deficiencies in my blood which we are treating with diet, supplements, and prescription medication. I was also started on a prescription to help prevent damage to my organs, caused by the Lupus. Thankfully these new medicines are giving me a little more energy during the day. This means getting out more often with my children. They love it! And as long as I don’t use too many spoons during each day… then we’re doing great!


Not dealing with chronic illness and want to help others?



Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words! I pray that I encourage you through my words as well!


Many days growing and learning in Him,


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