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Remember, homeschool high school doesn’t have to look like public school at home. You just need to prepare your child for his or her God-given life path. If college is in the plan or if not… here are resources for all.


Wondering if you should homeschool all the way through… to college… here are 7 Reasons to Homeschool Through High School {thanks to The Home School Mom}.


Methods :


  • Notebooking : My Notebooking Pinterest Board full of FREE printable sheets for all ages/grades and subjects. Great for delight-directed learning. This is working very well for my 16 year old. She is much more independent with her learning and we both love it! Also, check out the Notebooking Nook and The Notebooking Fairy for more freebies.
  • Online classes : Not all are free… but free classes are out there! You just need to know where to look. Search “distance learning” {a list of free online classes including foreign language, art classes, & more}. Check colleges… near and far! Some offer free classes via YouTube, iTunes {click “Online classes” for a list}, and right on college websites. Examples: Hillsdale College {search “free classes”} and Harvard offer free classes right from their own websites.
  • Testing : If your child is very good at taking multiple choice and some essay question tests, then check out CLEP tests and DSST exams. Get college credits, at home. Your child studies some material, often offered by the company and/or on subjects that you’ve already studied {as long they don’t already have college credit for that}, then you pay to go take a test, at a testing location. Most college libraries have the study books that you can borrow for free… so don’t pay for them before you ask around. The cost of the exam itself is around $80. But depending on the college this could be a 3 or 4 credit college class, done, in high school.
  • Textbooks : Thanks to and many other sites you can find free downloadable eBooks for free including textbooks on a variety of subjects. Also, call your local college {call the librarian or the heads of a department}, or your local high school librarian and ask if you can have their old textbooks. Someone may even loan one too you. Doesn’t hurt to ask right? I often borrowed my textbooks in college, because money was tight, and they often have extras.


Report Card / Transcripts {Map out that 4 years}:



Diplomas :



Resources :



Questions & Encouragement :





Many days growing and learning in Him,


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