Daily Assignment Cards How-To

We’ve been using binders for assignments, this past year. It hasn’t been working out as well as I would have liked it too.

I found some printable assignment sheets online, that I had to adapt, and then just made copies. After putting them in to Mr. T’s and Miss D’s flexible binders, I would have to write out what assignments they needed to be working on each day. I also keep a monthly sheet in my Home Organization binder that logs everything the kids do each day for “school”. It was double the work and writing for me! Plus the binders take up a lot of room in their cubbies, so I had been looking for new ideas…


When I stumbled across Raising Arrow’s blog post Do It Yourself Markable Assignment Cards. I really liked the concept. I kind of have a thing for index cards {okay maybe a slight obsession}…so I have plenty! I adapted her tutorial to make them work for us, using larger sized cards, instead of the regular sized ones.


I really like the idea of not having to write out each week {because I often forgot} what each child is supposed to do each day. This school year they will just be working through each section, in order, of their books {last year we skipped around}.


How I made them:


Step 1: Write Monday – Friday on 7 {I used 4×6} index cards with permanent marker ~ I used different colors for each child.

Step 2: Make 7 {or more if needed} squares to the left size of the index card ~ for students to check off when they get their assignments done.

Step 3: Write what needs to be done on each day ~ what subject needs to be done {not necessarily a specific assignment}.

Step 4: Cover both sizes of the cards with clear sticky paper {like Contact paper} smoothing out bubbles as you go ~ I found mine at Dollar General for $2.25 per roll. Must cheaper than the $4 per roll Wal-Mart wants. You can also laminate them…we just have not bought our laminator yet.

Step 5: Cut around each index card leaving about 1/8 inch of the clear paper on each side.



Step 6: With a single hole punch, put a hole in one of the top corners ~ my kids are lefties so I put the holes in the right corners.

Step 7: Put a loose leaf metal binder ring {I found 1″ ones on eBay for cheap} in the hole to join the cards together.


Use a wet erase marker {you can use dry erase but lefties prefer the wet erase because they don’t smear} on them, to reuse again and again…all school year-long.



I left a couple empty squares on each card to add something, like chores or assessments.


UPDATE: In September 2011, we bought a laminator and use a full sheet instead of cards.


Many days growing and learning in Him,


  1. Ooo such a good idea! I have to remember all these ideas for when I’m a mommy some day :D


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