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When I was in college the majority of my classes were take online. Personally, I loved it. Not having to be somewhere at a certain time every week… or even several times per week. Not having to find a place to park. Not having those unhealthy vending machines right next to the classroom… seeking my dollars.


Learning about CurrClick:


It wasn’t long after I started homeschooling my son that I first heard about CurrClick LIVE Online Homeschool Classes. I immediately wanted to find out more… so I attended an Open House {these are hosted at different times of the year before a new batch of classes start… completely free}.

After realizing these CurrClick LIVE Classes are very similar to the online classes I took in college, I knew this was something I wanted to get my children involved in. So first we started with the {FREE} Lego Club to get them acclimated with the Adobe virtual classroom system. They picked up very quickly because it is so easy to use!

Then, we went on to a few one event only classes from Founders Academy and then to this short session Swashbuckler Vikings class.



If you are worried about your child online… let me tell you this is a safe environment! The teachers have passed background checks. And people outside of the teacher and class list are no allowed into the virtual classroom. Also, the teacher is monitoring the access, as well as the chat box to make sure participants are adhering to the class rules. Teachers have access to behind the scenes choices to do things like close the chat box {less distraction for the kids during teaching time}, private message, and muting of a participant {after a warning if needed}. This keeps the environment safe and conducive to learning for all of the students.

Also, teachers are very open to communication from parents. Most will give your child a grade, if requested. The teacher’s email address is provided for you. They are here to work with you on teaching your child. The teachers I have met love teaching!


Some advantages to LIVE Online Homeschool Classes:


  • No need to find your shoes or even socks
  • No need to rush out the door to get somewhere
  • Online classes are recorded so you can watch a class if you miss
  • Wearing your pajamas, chewing gum {maybe blowing bubbles}, and eating {healthy} snacks during class is allowed



  • No need to brush your hair or teeth because no one can see you {or smell you} anyways
  • You can even go to class sick because germs don’t spread through the screen ;-)


Check out this video for a short demonstration:





Homeschool CurrClick LIVE Class Options:



Is your family interested in a foreign language? What about wanting to learn how to play Chess? There is an Online Homeschool class or club for everyone, with more being added all of the time, at


Have you checked out a CurrClick LIVE class or club lately? Which one?


Many days growing and learning in Him,


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